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Align's "New Normal"

We finally made it to May! As schedules and lives are beginning to shift around the nation Align is ready to shift with you! Please read on for new classes, opportunities and challenges!

I'm happy to announce we will now be offering an Intro to ballet class on Fridays, 6-6:30pm CST beginning May, 8th. This class will introduce you to ballet fundamentals. Our intro to ballet will also opening the door to other dance forms such as jazz and lyrical. This class is open to anyone and can be paid for by using single class passes or our dance unlimited package!

Secondly, now that I am having to change some of the class times, I will now be extending our view later option to 48 hours as well as a download option. This allows you two days to get in those workouts or to even do them twice before your next session. Better yet, if you don't have wifi and cannot connect, download our live workout to your device and take class with you on the go! With this comes one new rule though. I do have to have at least 1 person present for each live session. If there isn't anyone to participate in the live session I will send out a prerecorded class for participants to view. So keep coming to the live sessions as often as you can so I can continue to introduce new exercises weekly!

In addition, I am happy to announce that anyone can go back and view class after it has happened. This includes membership holders as well as single class passes. Life is hard and schedules are going to start to get crazy again. It's my hope that everyone has access to a dance class or fitness class at any day or time of the week.

Lastly, get creative! As you begin going back to work, school or just life in general get creative with where you take your dance or fitness classes. If you're stuck at work consider packing your lunch that way during your lunch break you can give 30 minutes to your workout followed by eating your lunch. That way when you get off work you have already accomplished your day and you can focus your time on family or preparing for the next day. Better yet recruit a coworker or even your boss to join Align so that you can hold each other accountable and do the workouts together. Do your kids have soccer practice, cheer camp or band camp? Grab your phone, iPad or laptop, find a parking spot away from the crowed and get in a quick session while your kids are doing their workouts. Again, grab a friend and encourage them to join Align so y'all can workout together! Going on vacation? Why not do your classes in your hotel room or on the balcony of your condo, you can even take us out in the mountains or on beach! This could be the new best thing to happen to dance and fitness.

Here's my challenge to you! As you become creative with your dance or fitness classes share them on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram! I would love to see the neat places you find to take class! Let's make this a year for the "New Normal" a normal where we don't let our lives get in the way of our health, mental well being or our need to dance it out!

Align is just getting started and we are here to stay! So thank you for joining us and my hope and prayer is that you'd continue to grow with us! Invite your friends, family, coworkers or the lady you meet at the grocery store. Our classes will only continue to grow and develop and we cannot wait to see what is to come!

*** Please check class schedules weekly for the month of May and June ***

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